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Skincare routine for dry skin

Dry skin can be one of the most difficult to create an appropriate skincare routine for, when every other product contains an irritant, colour or fragrance which will inflame dry patches and make sensitivity worse. In order to create a skincare routine that won’t irritate sensitive skin or exacerbate dry skin, read our top tips:


Keep it simple

When it comes to dry skin, less is certainly more. Colours and fragrances, often created as ‘filler’ ingredients and made from chemical compounds which are unsafe for use on delicate skin, are pumped into many skincare products, irritating skin and reducing its ability to retain moisture. Choose simple, unfragranced, unperfumed products and use gentle cloths or clean fingers to add and remove them to the skin, in order to reduce irritation on dry patches.


Find a multi-use product that works

A good multi-use product is a key skincare investment as it should replace the use of three or four, reducing irritation to the skin as it becomes used to a single product. This will also save you money in the meantime. Our Recuperating Cream is an intensive moisturiser that can be used as a facial moisturiser before bed and also as a primer to create a flawless, perfect base prior to applying makeup. In one jar, the Recuperating Cream will smooth fine lines, repair dry patches, keep skin hydrated and work with the skin’s natural repair process to prevent dryness from returning.


Review ingredients

Look for companies that have transparency in their ingredients and will tell you exactly what active ingredients will be going to work on your skin. Our products contain only the ingredients that provide direct benefits to the skin, such as Lanolin, a natural skin protector and blackcurrant oil, which is known for its anti-aging, anti-inflammatory properties. The more ingredients you apply, the more chance there is for irritation and increased dryness.



Moisturising is the most crucial element of a skincare routine for dry skin. Without a good mosturiser which will create a strong base, anything else applied to the skin will look flaky and cracked. Always moisturise after showering, before bed and at least 20 minutes before applying make up. A good facial moisturiser should act as a make-up base, removing the need for primer which could cause irritation and dryness and ensuring that products glide onto skin where blemishes and dry patches have already been treated.



Drinking plenty of water and eating fruit and vegetables rich in water and key vitamins and minerals, is essential to hydrating skin from the inside out, preventing dryness and ensuring that skin is in the optimal condition to heal and repair. Drinking water aids digestion, absorption, circulation and ensures that skin cells are at their best. If your skin is not receiving enough water the lack of hydration will present itself by making the skin dry, tight and flaky - and more prone to problems in the future.


Know your skin

Our guides to Eczema and Psoriasis may help you to discover some of the causes behind dry skin and determine if it is caused by underlying issues or dry skin conditions.


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