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Remedies for dry, ageing skin

As we become older, our skin can change and can move into a different skin type to what it was before. One of the symptoms commonly seen in older skin is dryness. As we age, the skin naturally loses elastic tissue, which can cause skin to hang more loosely and become dryer. Older skin is also thinner, caused by the reduction of the surface layer of skin and as a result, becomes more fragile and can bruise easily.


Causes of age-induced dryness  

Dryness is common in ageing skin. This is usually recognised by a tight, dry texture to the skin and can be seen as flaking or roughness in certain areas. The causes can span back from behaviour that caused stress to the skin while younger, such as smoking and sun-exposure, or can be as a result of changes to the skin’s collagen production and elasticity which have built up over time.


Skin texture in age-induced dryness

Dry skin can feel rough to touch and tiny wrinkles and cracks can appear more prominent with a drop in moisture on the skin surface. With the drop of moisture, environmental factors and skin stressors such as pollution, free radicals in the air and lack of sleep can all become more prominent - leading to skin which is dull, grey and extremely dry.


Treating dry skin in ageing

Prevention and response are two of the key aspects of preventing skin from looking drier in old age. Some of the ways you can help to protect and heal your skin from dryness include:


Sun protection

Protecting your skin in the sun will help to reduce the effects of premature ageing and will help keep the skin’s barrier intact later on in life. An SPF that offers both UVA and UBA protection, with a factor of at least 15 should be applied before any time spent outdoors. A hat and light, cool clothing can also help to protect the skin from harmful sun rays. Don’t forget to also apply suncream to the hands - this is one of the first places where dry, ageing skin is more noticeable and this will help to protect against skin cancers.


Skincare routine

Skin that is prone to dryness needs a skincare routine that is focused on hydration, with nutrient rich products that will help skin to retain moisture, without causing irritation. Even in later life, your skin will massively benefit from a consistent skincare routine, with regular moisturisation a key aspect to keeping skin plumped and healthy looking. Top tips include using warm water instead of hot, which can dry the skin out further and using a soap-free cleanser and gentle moisturiser that won’t strip the skin of its natural oils.


High-performance ingredients 

Our recommended solution to dry skin in older age is our intense Recuperating Cream which can be used as moisturiser, primer, night cream, skin plumper and remedy for sore, dry patches. The reason the Recuperating Cream is so effective is because of its high-performance ingredients, taken from nature, which are able to cure and heal the driest of skin conditions. This includes Blackcurrant Seed Oil which is anti-inflammatory and anti-aging with essential fatty acids which build up skin cells, reducing wrinkles and repairing tissue damage. Extract of Narcissus flower also works to slow down cell proliferation - this is used by the plant itself in its dormant stage, so that it can awaken in the spring rejuvenated and is therefore ideal for keeping skin looking young. Lastly, skin-brightening ingredient Centella Asiatica labelled “Fountain of Youth” is a building block for collagen and will help skin to retain moisture and elasticity.


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