About us - Dermatique


When our daughter Patricia was nine months old she developed a small patch of eczema on her face. Within weeks it had spread all over her body, and for a year we tried every medical remedy trying to stop her discomfort - with very little success. Sleep was almost impossible, and when she was awake she would scratch her skin until broken.

The search for a solution

She became exhausted and irritable and so did the rest of her family. Concerned about the long term side effects of steroid creams and the fact that they suppress the immune system and mask the symptoms rather than help the skin to function again normally, the search began for alternatives. Herbal remedies and Chinese medicine were tried with little effect. We were told that she would grow out of it but in the meantime we would all have to grin and bear it. This was unacceptable. Everything was tried, from changing her diet and her clothing to all types of moisturiser, but none was effective. Indeed we discovered that the ingredients of some products irritated her skin even more and became part of the problem. There was also concern about the ingredients used in some products - tearless shampoos that contain numbing agents, mineral oil in baby oil that can de-moisturise, and some baby lotions that contain formaldehyde, a substance banned in the US but not in the UK.

After a fruitless search for healthy alternatives, we decided to develop our own products that would care for Patricia's sensitive skin without damaging side effects. We carried out research, visited dermatologists and international raw materials companies, gathering information about everything related to skin and how to treat it. Our objective was to find ingredients that would help the skin regain its strength and recover naturally. And we succeeded And we succeeded Formulations were put together that worked on Patricia: offering much needed moisture, nourishment and protection for her skin. The results were phenomenal, within hours of an application she stopped scratching and within days her skin returned to normal.

After successfully treating Patricia, we were urged to make the products available to those with similar problems. Today Patricia leads a normal life like any child of her age, thanks to our determination and forward way of thinking. Now Dermatique is helping many people to improve their quality of life both in the UK and around the world.

What makes us different? Dermatique is a Skin Care system developed to provide comfort and health through the use of 100% natural high quality ingredients. Suitable for everybody, from babies to adults babies to adults babies to adults, any sex or colour skin can benefit. The benefits The benefits Dermatique works in harmony with the skin's own renewal and healing process, to soothe and moisturise the skin, bringing it back to balance. Dermatique nourishes, moisturises and protects nourishes, moisturises and protects nourishes, moisturises and protects, supports the skin's own repair process, balances dry, ultradry and sensitive skin. Your skin gets the optimum care it deserves with total peace of mind total peace of mind: otal peace of mind Hypoallergenic No artificial fragrances No masking colours No mineral oils Not tested on animals.

Whatever your age, modern living can be harsh on your skin. Strong perfumes, irritating soaps, environmental pollutants... it’s all too easy for skin to lose its natural balance, becoming dull and dry, and making you and your family vulnerable to uncomfortable skin problems including flaking, redness, eczema, acne and psoriasis. If you have a tendency to sensitive skin or allergies, these effects can be even worse.

But with Dermatique, children and adults with serious skin problems have found their skin re-balanced and returned to its natural, soft condition, and many others with dry or irritated skin have also benefited from its exceptional moisturising and nourishing properties. Since its introduction in 1997, this revolutionary new skincare range has won thousands of friends throughout the UK and beyond.

And yet Dermatique is not a medical product. It contains no steroids, petrochemicals, colour or perfume. It is simply a carefully balanced preparation which works with your skin to restore and maintain its natural healthy state.