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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you use artificial fragrances?
No, all our products that are scented contain pure 100% essential oils only. Not only do these essential oils add a pleasant scent, they also have many healing properties for the skin.

Do you use artificial colors?
We do not use artificial colors or colorants in our products. All our products are colored naturally by the ingredients already present in the formulation. In the case of products that may contain sparkles, they are made with pure ground natural micas.

Do you use preservatives?
Yes. All Sundays With You products that contain water are formulated with preservatives. Our preservatives are chosen for their saftey and effectiveness, and when possible, are derived from natural sources.

Products containing water that are not properly preserved are dangerous for your skin and health. Ingredients that are often associated with preservatives, such as grapefruit oil and Vitamin E (tocopherol) are NOT effective as preservatives. Products containing these as the only preservative should be avoided. Remember, fungus and mold are much more dangerous than preservatives!

Do your products contain parabens or pthalates?
We omit paraben and pthatlate containing products from all our formulations.

Are your products cruelty free?
Yes, all of our ingredients are purchased from cruelty free sources and our products are never tested on animals.

Where are your products made?
All our products are handmade and shipped to you from San Francisco, CA.

When should Hyaluronic Acid serums be applied?
Hyaluronic acid is a skin-identical ingredient (a substance naturally occurring in the skin) which excels at pulling up to 1,000 times its weight in water into the skin! To maximize its moisturizing capabilities, our hyaluronic acid serums should be applied immediately after washing your face, while still damp.

How long do your products last?
All of our products are properly preserved and also may include natural shelf-life extending ingredients such as Vitamin E (tocopherol). You can expect our products to last up to 12 months. If you believe you’ve received a faulty product, please contact us.



When can I expect my order?
Please see the shipping page for this information, orsend an email with your order number and question.

Do you allow refunds?
Unfortunately, Sundays With You is a small handmade business owned and created by one individual. Therefore, returns are not accepted. However, any defective products or products damaged in shipping will be immediately replaced. Please see thereturns page andcontact me if necessary.

Any other questions? Pleasecontact me!

What makes Dermatique unique?
Dermatique is so unique in that it is made from 100% natural ingredients and does not contain:

Any steroids, they can leave secondary effects

Any synthetic colouring or perfume, they sensitise the skin No Mineral oils, they clog the skin pores.

What skin type is Dermatique good for?
The answer is all skin types. It is a general concept that most skincare products that are good for white or fair skin types, are not effective for black skin types. Dermatique is quite unique in that it works effectively on all skin types.

What makes different from other skin care companies?
We aim to offer Serious Skincare, skin care with a difference: we only use quality ingredients known to be beneficial for the skin, ingredients that work with the skin, not against it. As well as using the best products for the particular purpose, key in Dermatique's philosophy is the avoidance of common irritants such as petrochemicals, colour or perfume. We care about the skin and how to maintain a healthy skin balance.

Are Dermatique products safe to use?
Dermatique's main priority is to help you achieve soft, healthy skin, the way nature intended, working with nature, not against it. We want Dermatique customers to have peace of mind, knowing they are using the products that are compatible with their skin that will not have secondary effects.

Have Dermatique products been tested?
We believe in working with tried and tested ingredients, on the market for many years, proven to achieve results. This together with a natural way of thinking is what makes Dermatique unique: we use traditional ingredients not mass-produced, avoiding cheap filling agents. Only the best will work with your skin.

How can I tell if I am allergic to the Dermatique products?A. People with sensitive skin can be irritated by different materials in their surroundings, especially artificial, man-made ones. Dermatique products are specially designed to be compatible with highly sensitive skin, therefore we only use those ingredients that are necessary for a particular skin function and are as natural, and not man processed as possible. Dermatique customers have sensitive skin with a tendency to get irritated easily and Dermatique takes that into account. However, Dermatique recommends that a patch test is carried out first to check compatibility every time you try a new product.

Is lanolin a common irritant?
Well it certainly depends on what lanolin is used. We cannot classify all lanolin under the same category, as there are many different types, from raw material to pharmaceutical grade.

Dermatique's lanolin is pure, natural, not man processed. The proof is that many of our customers, who had previously detected lanolin allergies, do not react to our lanolin.

Why does Dermatique work?

The quality and purity of the ingredients used as well as those ingredients we avoid, as we believe are common irritants for sensitive skin.

Does my doctor know about Dermatique?
Dermatique's products are not medicated, they fall into the category of skin care products, they are not being marketed as medicines. Dermatique believes in prevention rather than cure: care for your skin without irritating it and your skin will do the rest.

Although our products performance is that of products you would expect from the doctor, in reality Dermatique Philosophy is very different indeed from that of the large pharmaceutical companies. We work with natural concepts. We don't believe skin problems are an illness of the skin as such, rather a way for our body to tell us that there is something wrong going on somewhere else.

It is from this approach that Dermatique strives to not break that barrier in the first place.

Does Dermatique contain Steroids?
Certainly NOT.

Do you test Dermatique on animals?
No. we are against animal testing.