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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How trustworthy is Dermatique? 

With almost twenty six years in providing skin care solutions, the company has established credibility in the industry and trust from satisfied customers that say this is the only thing that works for their eczema. 


  • Is Dermatique effective for all types of skin?

Yes, the ingredients of Dermatique products have been found to be effective for all ages and types of skin.


  • Does Dermatique have any side effects?

We understand that some individuals may have allergic reactions to certain ingredients, that is why Dermatique products are formulated for all types of skin including the sensitive ones. You may have a product skin test in a small area first and discontinue if you have an allergic reaction.


  • Are Dermatique products are made from natural ingredients?

Part of Dermatique philosophy is to provide skin care products with clinically proven ingredients. Our main focus is about skin health that is why we make sure that we do not use harmful chemicals that can aggravate skin problems.  We avoid steroids, synthetic colouring, and petrochemicals.


  • Are Dermatique product prices competitive with similar skin care solutions?

Prices for Dermatique products are commensurate with the worth of product quality and effectiveness. We always aim to offer competitive prices to our customers.


  • Does Dermatique offer discount coupon codes?

Dermatique offers 15% off coupon on your first order: use FIRSTORDER code at checkout.


  • My order has been delayed for a week? Who do I contact?

For any delivery concerns, send an email at or use the website contact form. To speak to our customer service, you may use the following telephone numbers indicated below:

 Local: 0800 035 0235

International: +44 800 035 0235


  • Does Dermatique offer Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee?

Dermatique’s main goal is to make you 100% satisfied. For whatever reason that you are not happy with your purchase, we are committed to give a refund.  Contact us within 30 days from the purchase date and we will issue a refund within two days.  Read more about our policies from the Guarantee page.


  • Does Dermatique offer a Mobile app for iPad, iPhone and Android?

Currently, Dermatique do not have a mobile app for the above mentioned.  However, you can shop at the website 24/7 and visit Dermatique Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram for updates.