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We believe Dermatique products will work as claimed. We want  you to be 100% happy, to have found a daily routine that works for you and you are totally satisfied.

Our guarantee: if for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 30 days from your purchase date and a prompt refund will be issued within 2 days

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Here's what our customers think:

I just had to email you to tell you how grateful and relieved I am to have discovered Dermatique!
– Oliver. Madrid.

I have twin girls, Ellie and Beth, aged three and a half, who have been suffering from bad eczema for two and a half years. They would scratch and scratch, particularly at night, one twin setting off and upsetting the other, and I felt completely helpless and angry and frustrated that I could do nothing to soothe them. Their sheets would be streaked with blood every morning. This summer their skin was particularly bad – permanently red, raw, angry, cracked, hot, inflamed – and I resorted to “wet-wrapping” their arms and legs daily, which they both detested, Even the continual moisture from the bandages didn’t help. I was at the end of my tether, not having had a full night’s sleep for as long as I could remember. A friend happened to notice my girls in these bandages just last week, and mercifully told me about Dermatique, which she had started using on her own daughter.
– Elizabeth. Glasgow.

My order (Recuperating Cream and the Body Wash/Shampoo) arrived not even a week ago, but during that time our life as a family has literally been turned around and transformed. I can only describe your Recuperating Cream as miraculous. Since we started using it, Ellie and Beth have stopped scratching, so their skin has had a chance to “rest” and get better. The cracks and rough patches are healing well and will hopefully recover completely. The redness and inflammation have been dramatically reduced. Their hands in particular used to feel like sandpaper, but now I can scarcely believe how soft and smooth they are when I hold them. They are both sleeping right through the night, and during the day they are much more outgoing, confident and, above all, happy
– Glen. Glasgow.

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