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The Dermatique Recuperating Cream: specialist skincare

We are always pleased to hear feedback on our most popular skin saviour - the Dermatique Recuperating Cream, from those suffering with dry, itchy or sore skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis and even Rosacea. This treatment has been tested on dry skin conditions all over the world, on both children and adults and as well as being a staple for repairing and healing dry skin, we have also found a wealth of other benefits customers have received from using the product:

Skin Primer

“If I’ve used this at night, then my skin feels moisturised and soft in the morning. If I’ve used it in the morning before applying makeup, then I find the nourishing cream is the ideal base for applying my makeup. It works as a great primer at keeping my makeup in place throughout the whole day, without the need for an additional primer.” - Stephanie at Merry Musing

Foot cream

“The cream has also worked wonders on my dry foot...for the first time in years I don’t have awful peely skin and my cracked heels are clearing up. I have never been for a pedicure before which is in part due to how awful I think my foot looks but if I keep using the cream and it keeps getting better and better, I think I might consider letting someone near my feet!” - Laura at Plan Pack Travel

Nappy rash

“I also used it on nappy rash, as you know it can be sore. Within 1 day, the redness has reduced drastically and by day 3 it was gone. I could not even believe that as my beloved bum cream didn't work that fast! I would highly recommend this cream for all skin conditions as it really did an amazing job on my son's previously inflamed and dry skin.” - Sam at Testing Time Blog

Barrier against Chlorine

“I find if I don’t put on some moisturising cream on immediately following a swim my skin can feel very dry, mainly on my hands and face. After using the Recuperating Cream on my hands and face after every swim session for a few weeks it has completely cleared up the dry patches/Eczema type skin and it also feels like I can go longer without moisturising before the skin dries out.” - James at Run and Tri

Hand cream

 “I have been using it for around two weeks now and I’m really impressed. Just before I started using it my hands were the worse they have been – I had cuts where the skin had broken on my joints and knuckles and the skin was really dry and flaky; making my hands feel very tight and very sore. It really is helping to make a difference. The skin on my hands isn’t perfect but it’s better than it has been for a long time and I think that has to be down to this cream from Dermatique.” - Sarah at Let Them Be Small

Flaky skin soother

 “Makeup artists - I bet you sometimes get clients with dry, flaky skin, particularly around the nose area! It's a pain and sometimes foundation just makes it look worse. I don't personally have eczema but am prone to dehydrated skin so I liked it for occasional use, but will definitely be using this on clients with dryer skin to prep it before makeup application, in particular in patches where foundation can catch on and create a cakey effect!” - Manisha at The London Beauty Stylist

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