Your dry skin saviour! This cream deeply moisturises and strengthens the skin barrier, which makes it ideal for those with Eczema.

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We know how your life can be turned upside down when you have itchy, sore, red skin, we have been there. Our daughter’s skin was so irritated that would turn heads wondering if she had sun burn, looking at us as how can they allow this to happen to her, how irresponsible! The day we decided to take matters in our own hands is when everything changed.

It took months but we got there, to have Patricia lead a normal life.

We were able to breath again, continue with our careers, but friends kept telling us how we could change the lives of others.

That was our mission. Dermatique was born. With the help of the newspaper The News of the World we reached thousands of friends in the same situation.

Recuperating Cream did change our life, we think it can help you too.


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I have had seborrheic eczema on my face since 2003. It left me with very sore skin on my nose, it killed my confidence and dictated everything about my personal hygiene regime. A friend who had the same problem recommended dermatique recuperating cream. I was put off at first because of the price, choosing instead to trawl the Internet looking for cheaper options. I eventually bought the recuperating cream and left it for a few days to see if it would work. All I can say is that I am amazed! The skin on my face is no longer red, flaky or sore. I am back to normal. In 4 days this product has undone years of pain, embarrassment and lost confidence. I can’t thank you guys enough. Do not change what it is your doing. Thank you!