Serious Skincare

Effective Products

Skincare should fit into your lifestyle, not rule it. Dermatique products are easy to use and perform more than one function at a time, so that you can get maximum results with fewer steps to complete. Our products are universally formulated for people of all ages and skin types, allowing whole families to use them.


Quality Ingredients

You need serious help to overcome chronic skin irritation. What you don’t need is to expose your skin to a lot of harsh ingredients that can worsen your problems. That’s why Dermatique only uses clinically proven ingredients and never adds artificial perfumes, synthetic colour or parabens to our formulas. We’re serious about keeping dangerous chemicals out of our products and about using natural ingredients whenever possible.


Honest Approach

You deserve to know the truth about what you’re using on the skin. At Dermatique, we don’t hide what’s inside of our products or make big claims that we can’t live up to. We can promise our formulas can help improve the health of your skin, so you can better manage your symptoms. We also promise to only use responsible manufacturing methods and never to test on animals or support suppliers who do.