Whatever your age, modern living can be harsh on your skin. Strong perfumes, irritating soaps, environmental pollutants... it’s all too easy for skin to lose its natural balance, becoming dull and dry, and making you and your family vulnerable to uncomfortable skin problems including flaking, redness, eczema, acne and psoriasis. If you have a tendency to sensitive skin or allergies, these effects can be even worse.

But with Dermatique, children and adults with serious skin problems have found their skin re-balanced and returned to its natural, soft condition, and many others with dry or irritated skin have also benefited from its exceptional moisturising and nourishing properties. Since its introduction in 1997, this revolutionary new skincare range has won thousands of friends throughout the UK and beyond.

And yet Dermatique is not a medical product. It contains no steroids, petrochemicals, colour or perfume. It is simply a carefully balanced preparation which works with your skin to restore and maintain its natural healthy state.