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Five tips for treating upper arm rash bumps

Upper arm rash bumps are rarely a serious skin condition but can be a cause of self-consciousness and therefore discomfort. This condition is usually caused by Keratosis Pilaris - a dry skin condition which occurs when too much Keratin is present in the follicles of the skin. This causes a hard ‘plug’ which can look like a spot and is often surrounded by redness. This condition can also be itchy if the skin around the bumps is irritated, therefore taking on a ‘rash like’ appearance. This is more likely to occur if you already suffer from Eczema or other dry skin conditions.


Here are some of our skincare expert’s top tips on treating these upper arm rash bumps:

  • Moisturise

With the right type of moisturiser you can reduce rash bumps on the upper arms and soothe redness. A key ingredient for treating this condition is Urea. Our Recuperating Cream which contains Urea is a very effective treatment for dry skin due to its keratolytic nature which helps to shed the upper layers of the skin slowly. This dissolves the hard plugs of skin and softens the area, reducing the roughness and bumps often associated with the condition. Upper arm rash bumps are often found in children or in early puberty and this cream can be used on children or adults of any age to soothe skin and increase moisture and suppleness in days.

  • Exfoliate gently

Contrary to popular belief, dry skin conditions will be made worse by harsh scrubs and exfoliation. The best type of exfoliation for these types of dry skin conditions on the arms, are nature’s best exfoliators - for example products that contain salicylic acid will work with the skin to reduce dryness, gently exfoliate the top layers of the epidermis and soothe inflammation.

  • Avoid harsh products and cleaners

Similarly, harsh products and cleansers which contain hundreds of chemicals and artificial fragrances and colours will irritate the rash bumps and cause skin to become inflamed and sore. Use a gentle cleaner while showering and a fragrance free moisturiser for dry skin, in order to cleanse and purify while not stripping the skin of essential natural oils.

  • Exercise

Some specialists believe that gentle exercise such as walking is key to reducing dry skin on the arms as it increases circulation to the area and helps promote skin turnover. Just 20-30 minutes of gentle exercise per day could help to reduce upper arm skin bumps and leave you feeling healthier in both body and mind.

  • Omega 3

Some studies have shown a link between a deficiency in Omega 3 and the dry skin condition Keratosis Pilaris. This causes a lack of fatty acids in the skin - an essential building block to help levels of sebum - the natural skin oil. This is something that can be remedied easily in two ways - both by applying a topical treatment that contains essential fatty acids such as the Dermatique Recuperating Cream and by increasing levels of the vitamin within the diet. Omega 3 can be increased by supplements such as cod liver oil or through natural sources such as fatty fish, flaxseed, walnuts, olive oil, dark green leafy vegetables and eggs.


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