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How to stop the Eczema itch

As well as the dryness, the irritated skin and the redness, one of the most debilitating parts of Eczema is the itchiness. This can keep you or your child awake at night and can be very uncomfortable to live with.

Breaking the cycle

Some studies have found that when Eczema patients scratch, this inhibits the areas of the brain related to unpleasurable sensation. This explains why the sensation of scratching appears to bring some relief to the condition. Unfortunately, the relief is temporary as scratching damages the upper, protective layers of the skin, which are already compromised. The more they are scratched, the more this stimulates the nerves until they becomes overactive, causing the itching sensation to become more intense.

Here are some tips on how to stop the Eczema itch:

  • Remove triggers

Every person who has Eczema will have different triggers that may make their Eczema worse. This could be certain types of clothing, dust, pets or warm weather. By avoiding the triggers you can prevent your skin from getting to the itching stage, where it will become irritated and sore.

  • Stay cool

Most Eczema sufferers find that itching becomes worse in the evening. This can be caused by changes in the body’s rhythm at night, changes in temperature and a lower tolerance for itching and scratching while tired. Keeping the bedroom cool and using cotton sheets can help you to stay cool and reduce itching while sleeping. Always moisturise before bed with a cream such as our Recuperating Cream, which will soothe itchy skin and prevent dryness throughout the night.

  • Moisturise

Dry skin is more likely to become irritated and promote itching. Moisturisers should be used at all times, to keep the skin soft, moist and under control. Our Recuperating Cream was designed to work with the skin’s natural repair process and is free from steroids, parabens and mineral oils which can make dry skin worse.

  • Avoid soap

When your skin is prone to conditions such as Eczema it is often the things you put on it, which can irritate and make it worse. Soaps especially, will dry out skin and can contain filler ingredients and perfumes which irritate the skin and increase the desire to itch. Treat skin gently and minimise the amount of products and fragrances you use to reduce itching and break the cycle for good.

  • Home remedies

Eating a healthy diet, rich in foods that contain essential fatty acids will help to reduce inflammation and itching. You could also take a Vitamin E supplement which is thought to counteract itchy, dry skin. A good skincare routine is the best cure. This allows skin to breathe and uses the repair process that was gifted by nature, in order to bring skin back to optimal health.

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