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Managing dry skin through weather changes

Do you notice that your skin becomes drier as the weather changes? 

Many dry skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis are exacerbated by dry, cold or hot weather conditions - the first of which are often noticeable in Spring or Autumn as the seasons change.

Some of the aspects which contribute to drier skin during this time include:

Heating and air conditioning

Both heating and air conditioning, found in offices and shops change the condition of the air around you. This can send the skin’s natural moisture cycle out of sync and can cause skin to lose more moisture, creating dryness, itchiness and sore, red skin. Our skin has multiple mechanisms it uses to keep skin hydrated but with air conditioning and heating, the moisture is removed from the air around us disturbing the natural body temperature and the way it reacts to hot or cold conditions.

Excessive heat

Heat that raises the body temperature above normal, either from hot weather outside as summer approaches, or from excessive heating or hot water inside, can further dry out the skin. This is more likely to occur during the season changes, as we work to keep the home warm, or spend more time enjoying the warm weather outside. Excessive heat can also lead to an increase in sweat which can irritate dry skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis therefore making the itch-scratch-itch cycle worse.

Cold, harsh weather conditions

During Autumn the weather can change from warm and mild, to extremely cold, windy and rainy almost overnight. This gives the skin little time to adapt and harsh weather conditions including both rain, where clothes can rub against sensitive skin, and wind, which is harsh against the skin’s top layers, can cause conditions such as Eczema to flare up.

Tips on managing dry skin through weather changes 

  • Stay hydrated - help moisture levels in the skin by drinking water regularly and staying hydrated which will help to reduce dryness
  • Bath in cool water - it’s tempting as the weather changes to have hot baths and showers in order to stay warm but this can cause skin to flare and reduces levels of moisture within the top layers of the skin
  • Treat skin gently - refrain from wearing itchy, scratchy materials such as wool and try to treat skin gently with plenty of moisturisation, sleep and soft coverings
  • Moisturise - the ultimate aid for dry skin and a key tool in your skincare arsenal to help skin retain moisture during the change in weather
  • Wear SPF  - it’s just as important to wear a good SPF when the sun is shining in the winter as it is in the summer. Just because the rays are not as hot, does not mean that they can’t cause dry skin - or worse.

Recommended product for dry skin

Our Recuperating Cream is your number one skin companion during weather changes and harsh conditions. This healing moisturiser works with the skin’s natural repair process, helping skin to retain moisture in even the driest of skin conditions. The perfect barrier for harsh weather conditions, the Recuperating Cream will ensure skin stays supple, soft and hydrated as the weather changes and can be used on the face, body, scalp, hands and feet for all-over intense skin protection.

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