Eczema Starter Pack


The Eczema Starter Pack is the simple way to get on the path to having healthier skin. This 3-piece set includes Dermatique Recuperating Cream, a effective skin-calming moisturiser and treatment that is ideal for use during flare-ups. The softening, conditioning properties of the formula ease itching and speed up recovery. The included Bath & Shower Moisturising Oil provides a gentle alternative to harsh soap and supplements natural moisture levels in the skin with every use. The cleansing gel-oil can be used on a daily basis even after eczema symptoms are well controlled along with the Recuperating Lotion for maintaining skin health.

- Includes 100mL Eczema Recuperating Cream, 200mL Recuperating Lotion & 250 mL Bath & Shower Moisturising Oil

- Soothes and calms flare-ups, providing itch relief and much-needed moisture

- Helps to maintain skin health once eczema symptoms are under control

- Equally suitable for men, women and children

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Massy S.
United Kingdom

Best on the market

So far so good! Using this on my little girl who is 6 months old. Her skin was so dry and irritable it was heart breaking to see her in such discomfort. The Drs reckon she has eczema (I am not too sure if I believe them). We had tried several prescribed creams and they haven't done a thing. The rashes had started to spread all over her little body which was so upsetting to see. The recuperating cream and lotion have done wonders within days of using them. Definitely worth the price!! However, She didn't like the bath and shower moisturing oil, screaming in discomfort when we washed her with it. Not sure why, could be allergic to an ingredient in it? That would be interesting to find out. I haven't tried it again.

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