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Copy of Psoriasis Starter Pack

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Caring for psoriasis skin doesn't have to be complicated. The Dermatique Psoriasis Starter Pack simplifies skincare by providing you with three essentials to use during and in-between flare-ups to promote healthier skin from head to toe. For cleansing hair and skin, the Recuperating Hair & Body Complex offers purifying benefits without washing away vital skin oils and worsening or triggering symptoms. During times when skin is thickened, itchy or inflamed, the Recuperating Cream can be applied to instantly soothe symptoms and treat the skin to anti-inflammatory and moisturising natural ingredients that support healing and recovery. For on-going psoriasis care, the Recuperating Lotion provides lightweight, therapeutic nourishment and hydration to make future outbreaks less likely.

- Includes Recuperating Cream 100mL, Recuperating Lotion 200ml, Recuperating Hair & Body Complex 250mL

- Eases itching associated with psoriasis

- Softens scaly plaques and rough skin tissue

- Helps to meet the moisture needs of scalp and body skin plagued by psoriasis to decrease the likelihood of flare-ups occurring

- Perfect for men, women and children

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