Balancing Shampoo


Produced from coconut oil, the gentle cleansing agents wash away excess oils, dirt and impurities without leaving the skin over-dry. Sweet orange essential oil lifts the spirits and provides a pleasing scent, while Mimosa Tenuiflora extract supports healing to benefit skin that is irritated, acne prone or suffering from chronic conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Even itchy, raw scalps will be soothed and hydrated with every use, as our formula features willow bark extract, a natural anti-inflammatory.

- Alleviates itchy scalp with natural ingredients, not steroids

- Perfect for dry scalp, scalp psoriasis and sensitive skin

- Purifies scalp and skin without stripping away vital moisture

- Promotes the repair of acne-prone skin and assists with healing

Maintaining proper moisture balance is of the utmost importance for controlling everything from acne breakouts to eczema flare-ups. With Dermatique Balancing Hair & Body Shampoo, you can promote that healthy balance while freshening and purifying your skin from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

"Scalp healing!!

I have been able to wear black for the first time in 20 years! I am a GP and a patient told me about you! Fabulous" Catrin. UK

250 ml. 

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Graham H.
United Kingdom


Only been using product for three days but can see an improvement in skin condition , pleased with results thus far

eleanor h.
United Kingdom

Shampoo for non eczema sufferers too

Its a constant in our bathroom and many of our friends.

S H.
United Kingdom

A miracle

I've had extremely dry skin, permanent dandruff and occasional eczema in a couple of places since I was a teenager 20 years ago. I thought I would have to put up with that for life. Then about two years ago I broke out in terrible, painful eczema all over my body. I struggled miserably for weeks, trying first what my GP gave me then every natural-ish moisturuser I could find with no success. Then fortunately I came across the wizards at Dermatique. Their lotion (which they don't make anymore unfortuantely) saved me from my eczema ****. It also relieved my dry skin to a greater degree than I tought possible - I used to moisturise my whole body daily but still in the colder months would be shedding white flakes by the tonne - no more! Anyway, back to the eczema. After a couple of weeks it was gone on my body but I still had it on my scalp which was impossible to moisturise, until I decided to shave my head as I thought maybe the lotion it would get rid of my dandruff too. The eczema went, the dandruff didn't and my hair grew back and I was overall in a much better place. Then months later I decided to try the shampoo and hey presto! DANDRUFF GONE. I never thought that would happen. No more hoovering the top of my sofa cushions before people come round or not wanting my hair to be touched. Thank you Dernatique. Yours are truly life changing products.

Manjit S.
United Kingdom

Sore Flaky scalp

Ordering and delivery excellent Unable to comment on product too early

Sian H.
United Kingdom

Body &Hair shampoo

I use the product daily to cleanse my face, I find it ideal for my combination skin and sensitive eyelids. Excellent for removing makeup.

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