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A checklist for your child’s Eczema flare up

An Eczema flare in your child up can be caused by a number of factors including a drop in the immune system caused by stress, upset or illness, a trigger in the environment or a change in weather. A consistent skincare routine where your child’s skin is kept nourished and moisturised on a regular basis will help to prevent flare ups, but in the case that one does occur, use this checklist to help the skin back to health as quickly and naturally as possible.

Questions to ask when you spot the flare up:

  • Have they eaten anything different?

Some specialists believe that Eczema is triggered as an autoimmune response to certain food types. If you believe that this may be causing your child’s Eczema flare ups, your Doctor or Allergy specialist will be able to discuss the best plan of action to minimise the impact.

  • Have they used a new product or too many different products?

Many of the skincare products we buy and use everyday even those specifically marketed at children or babies, can contain ingredients which are harmful to our skin and ‘fillers’ which do not have any real need. Other products may contain colours or fragrances which can irritate skin and cause flare ups in Eczema. Paring the skincare routine back, into one or two simple multi-use products such as our Recuperating Cream which can be used as moisturiser, Eczema treatment, primer and skin barrier, is often the way to protect skin and help it to regain its natural balance.

  • Are they continuing with a regular skincare routine?

Prevention is the best form of cure when it comes to treating Eczema flare ups. Create a steady skincare plan as part of your daily routine and ensure that skin is getting the nourishment it needs.

Three steps to keeping the flare up under control

  • Wash the skin

Pat the skin with cool water or apply a cold compress, in order to wash the skin free from irritants such as pollen or dust and cool the area.

  • Moisturise

Apply a healing moisturiser to help the skin retain moisture. We recommend our Recuperating Cream as the ultimate skin saviour, to provide gentle relief to even the sorest of flare ups, with Urea for gently removing dry skin and natural Lanolin and blackcurrant seed oil for protect and repair.

  • Stay calm

Stress and irritation will only make flare ups worse. It is natural for your child to become uncomfortable when experiencing a flare up, but staying calm and helping them to stay calm will reduce irritation and allow you to deal with the problem more quickly.

When our body is reacting to stress, the immune system is compromised, which means the skin cannot protect and heal itself at the level it needs. Relaxing techniques such as meditation and gently walking or distraction with toys or activities may help to keep your child calm so that their body can begin to start dealing with the problem.

What are your top tips for keeping your child calm during a flare up? Share them with other parents in the comments below.

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