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How to heal sunburn quickly

When you are sunburnt, quick treatment is key to reducing the after effects which can include burning, itching, soreness and scarring. Here is a five step plan you can keep in your emergency cabinet that will help you to heal sunburn quickly, whenever you are caught out:

  • Act quickly. How quickly you are able to treat the skin may determine how long the effects last afterwards. Signs of sunburn include tingling, burning, stinging or redness. If you or your child experience any of these symptoms while still outdoors, try to get to shade or an indoor area immediately so that you can reduce exposure and treat the damaged skin.
  • Apply cool water. Have a cool or cold shower. Like most burns, the skin can continue to heat even after you have come inside so standing in a cool shower for up to ten minutes will help to draw heat from the skin and reduce the severity of the burn.
  • Be gentle on skin. Do not rub skin dry, instead pat it gently to reduce causing further irritation.
  • Drink plenty of water. This will help to starve off signs of heat exhaustion or dehydration which are often associated with over-exposure in the sun.
  • Apply Recuperating Cream. The Dermatique Recuperating Cream is an intense healing cream which works with the skin’s natural repair process to reduce redness and irritation. It contains Urea which will work to reduce peeling, by helping skin turnover naturally and slowly and also has blackcurrant seed oil which is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and rich in essential fatty acids, helping to reduce wrinkles and repair tissue damage often associated with sun-damaged skin. The Recuperating Cream works overnight, so that by morning the skin is much improved and long-term effects are reduced. An emergency cabinet essential.

The Dermatique Recuperating Cream will:

  • soothe hot skin
  • prevent peeling
  • moisturise the skin
  • reduce redness and irritation

It will not:

  • use any harsh chemicals or filler ingredients that are not needed
  • irritate the skin
  • use colours or fragrances
  • contain drying mineral oil

What our customers say:

“The other benefit of this skincare hero? It’s a superb all-rounder. I slathered it on my shoulders and chest after going a bit red in the sun during my recent trip to Tuscany and it took the colour right down and repaired my skin within 24 hours. I’ve been applying it daily, combined with twice-weekly exfoliating glove action, to make sure there’s no sign of any hideous peeling. And so far? So bloomin’ good.” - Hannah Gale

General tips for preventing sunburn:

Preventing sunburn from occurring is a much safer alternative than having to deal with the consequences afterwards, as sunburn can lead to long term effects such as age spots, wrinkles and even skin cancer. You can reduce your risk of sunburn by following this advice.

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